mimosa et préalpes enneigées

To start the year 2017 by a colorful promenade, direction to La Croix des Gardes and its mimosa flower.

Less than a kilometer from the Croisette, a natural space at the summit of a hill is home to one of the most beautiful mimosa forests of the Côte d’Azur. To include absolutely in your itinerary of the visit, you will discover there a magical point of view on the bay of Cannes, a wide variety of Mediterranean trees, and the opportunity of a beautiful walk off the beaten tracks of the city.


The Croix des Gardes was until the beginning of the 20th century a hill of rock and brush. In 1919, a wealthy industrial built a castle of Florentine style in the heart of 12 hectares of gardens. The “trend” Croix des Gardes was launched and number of beautiful homes have emerged from the imagination of architects combined with the fortune of the owners.

From the Croix des Gardes, view on the Lérins Islands
In 1864, the first Mimosa imported from Australia in France is planted in Cannes La Bocca. It is at the Croix des Gardes that its operations will begin, the persons of the mimosa will multiply then in the region, to Mandelieu, Pégomas, Tanneron or at La Roquette. 500 young mimosas of 80 cm to 1.20 m heigh, of five different varieties were planted in 2013 in the heart of an area of 5000 m² of the forest in order to rehabilitate this past activity.

The walking routes are very popular for the local inhabitants who come to relax and to practice their favorite sport or delaying tenderly…

There are many varieties of Mediterranean trees:

Mimosa thorny” with yellow flowers (Acacia farnesiana), a native of tropical America

Mimosa of the florists (Acacia dealbata).The tree of Australia is introduced in Europe subsequent to Captain Cook trips

Gommier cendré(Eucalyptus cinerea).

Maritime and parasol pines


Between pines, the Lérins Islands are 2 km as the crow flies


At the summit, La Croix!


In 1525, in full Renaissance, the King builder of Chambord and the Camp of Drap d’or settled at the summit of the hill where the Croix is located, a garrison of Swiss Guards, elite of the royal army.


To take the best advantage of this surprising promenade, follow the instructions carefully: Do not smoke or leave waste. Do not circulate with vehicles. Picking is prohibited, except a tolerance for the mimosa, by reason of a bouquet by person.


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