You can find palm trees everywhere, along the Croisette, on the beaches Midi, sometimes even in the sea, of all shapes, some are warves, others giants, of all ages,  the very old ones watching  the small new ones. And between the palms you can see visions ofdreams and an entire history.

IMG_7536Either I arrived in Cannes by the west side Cannes la Bocca, or by the east side of the Palm
Beach, I am immediately struck by two sensations: the slowdown of the traffic which
immediately immerses me in a state of contemplation and the hyper well-kept aestheticism
of a vegetation in symbiosis with the natural elements, sandy beaches, rocks, sea, but also
the enhancement of an architecture which travels across eras, from the great white facade
of the 1900’s style Intercontinental Carlton, or art-deco of the Majestic Barrière, to  more
recent buildings but all are outstanding.

The Majestic Barrière between the Washingtonia Filifera palms
Among the palm trees, I see the sea, the Lérins Islands, on the other side on the Croisette,
the hotels or rather the palaces, all of these buildings are related by their architectural
details. I understand the whole legitimacy of the candidature of Cannes for its registration
on the UNESCO world heritage.
The old town of Le Suquet has not always been lined with palm trees. The summit of this hill
is at the origin of the city of Cannes, its square tower dating back to the year 997. At that
time, the reeds and swamps occupied the entire coastal zone and the inhabitants were not spending very much time there. We walked down to the beach coming back from fishing without staying as the mosquitoes were ferocious. Today, the Suquet is the place of residencies of some of the old families from Cannes who have been able to maintain the scenic character and history of their neighborhood.I leave the old town to go to the Croisette in search of a bouquet of palm trees, the Whashingtonia Robusta and the Whaingtonia Filifera, famous throughout the world. They honor one of the most ancient palaces so characteristic of the 1900 architecture. The surprise is worthy, palm trees of more than 20 meters high, perfectly acclimatized for decades, give rhythm to the heart of the bay.


I have pursued the walk up to the rose garden, a beautiful park by the beach, where the Cannes residents mingle with tourists and practice the outdoor sports all year round.




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