A new treasure trail in town to discover Cannes and have a great time !

In the seconds that follow, breaking news: a few hours off the closing ceremony of the Festival de Cannes, the Palme d’Or has been spirited away. Its thief has locked it in a strong-box and hidden it somewhere, in town. A scandal around the highest-profile event in the world must be avoided at all costs. You and your group are challenged to find it. Quick, there’s no time to be wasted !

It’s indeed as a team, starting from the steps of the Palais des Festivals, that you set off on the precious treasure hunt, with only a touch tablet (to guide you) and…your grey matter !

Once the rules have been announced, the first riddle comes up and plunges the protagonists into a think-tank labyrinth. As soon as that’s solved, a video takes us towards a first place. Now we’re looking for clues! All our acumen is needed here to solve the riddle that follows, to lead us to yet the next place, and this several times over, getting us to discover – or re-discover – en passant, a whole part of this city of cinema !

It’s after about 1h30 of the game, full speed ahead, that my fellow team-members and myself have all the essential elements in hand – thanks to solving the riddles – to get closer to where the Palme is. Bingo, we’ve made it! Will you be, you too, the first to open the last padlock jeopardising the celebration of cinema ?

What about you taking up the challenge !

Assessment : no time to get bored, you’re in the thick of it from the word go, it’s a fun activity, both mental and physical, strategy and conviviality are the rules of the game !

We love the dynamics that runs throughout, the variety of the riddles and the friendliness of Maxime (see if he wants to remain anonymous) the young founder and coordinator of this urban game, all of it against the backdrop of our lovely town of Cannesly town of Cannes.

NB, Indacity also proposes a manhunt and 3 criminal investigations to be solved in the streets of Cannes – pretty similar principle to these tested above.

Booking and info via www.indacity.fr