I have tested the new sports itinerary of the Croix des Gardes, the hill which overlooks the sea.
At a few strides (for good runners) from Cannes center, I discovered a fitness trail that perfectly illustrates the title of Cannes as capital of the open air sports.


Bay of Cannes since the Croix des Gardes
I am not a hyper sport woman but I love walking, light running, and I especially enjoy nature. There, I felt like a queen. I brought with me two of my colleagues, Hamed and Johann, for the confirmed level of the trail. For my part, I alternated between jogging and walking, taking in the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscapes along the beach, and then to climb this hill of the Croix des Gardes, real forest lung at the heart of which lies proudly beautiful mansions of the past century surrounded by centenarians eucalyptus and mimosas.


I have tested the fitness trail from the beginning (at the upright stone Liberator, with several parking lots indicated in the heart of the Croix des Gardes), but we can also go there from the seaside in using the streets and alleys of the neighborhood. It’s a little more sporting but doable, count 45 minutes from the Cannes Tourist Office of the Palais des Festivals.

Departure point of the fitness trail from the stone of the Liberator

The trail length is 3.1 km of paths with the help of wooden stakes tagged by a red arrows. I walked on several and took various routes as many trails intersect and I wanted to explore.


During this time, on more than 3km of the route, the boys have hiked the 11 immaculate new trails of raw wood and metal which were installed at the beginning of April.

cannes-croix-des-gardes-2016-04-14 cannes-croix-des-gardes-2016-04-13

For each of them, there is signage explaining activities and the best way of explore them. Everything is well described (beginners, intermediate, advanced) which makes them accessible to a large number of athletes or simply walkers.

The trails are well identified and super well maintained, no hanging branches, and very flat land wide enough to accommodate several runners at the same time. The trail alternates between sun and shade and there are several points where water is present.

The interest of the journey:
Accessible at all levels while being, according to my buddies, and a bit more difficult when we have reached a good level of experience.
The entire route is punctuated with magnificent sea points of view.
It can be accessed easily on foot (see the map), by car (many parking lots) and by bus from the Town Hall, bus number 7 or 7A (Palm Bus network )

jogging itinerary

jogging itinerary

Useful and practical advice: bring sun screen and a cap
Thanks to Johan and Hamed for lending their muscles to the blog.