faire les soldes à Cannes

To go to the sales event in Cannes is a great pleasure which needs to be prepared carefully. Yes, to go to the sales in Cannes deserves a methodic plan of attack as the offers are wide and highly varied.

The town is transformed into a Shopping Mall where the brands compete of imagination and attention to make this crucial time of life, a real moment of pleasure. I advise you a few itineraries to follow, all interspersed with small breaks to get “tea with the Twelfth Night cake” (yes, you will surely need a rest to be able to recover your strength).

Because “fashion is something at the edge of the suicide” – as would have said Coco Chanel, here are a few itineraries to survive!

1/ Luxury Itinerary
Obviously, it is happening on the Croisette and Rue du Commandant André. From the first days, we can find the coveted article finally on sale. Dior, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Prada, Burberry and I forget but everything is there!
My advice “a regenerating break” at the Voilier on the Croisette , the Bobo Bistro or the Pastis in the Commandant André Street

2/ Itinerary famous brands for the trends of the moment.
This is rue d’Antibes. Two Zara shops, one on the top and one at the bottom of the street, Texto, Massimo Duti… a visit to the Maréchal Foch Street is required to not miss the Galeries Lafayette which offer a whole range of services + shopping.
My advice for a break, as my feet are painful, is the calm of the “Chez Cannelle” in the gallery of the Gray d’Albion with a beautiful terrace in the calm and pastries by Fauchon. Of course to be tempted by the frangipane, it is terribly delicious!

3/ Casual itinerary, contemporary
The universe creators, arty, a little more confidential marks, it is the United States Street with BA&SH or Commandant André Street for Zadig and Voltaire. In the Street of Antibes, there are the Comptoir des Cotonniers at the bottom and American Vintage at the top of the street to perfect ones look “beautiful materials, discreet luxury and cool outfit but classy”.
I advise you to take a break and taste a cake at the Bakery Jean Luc Pelé, 3 street of 24 août.

4/ Itinerary “luxury affordable “
From the street number 100 and up to the top of the street of Antibes,
We stroll a long time at the Boutique Fragonard, a real concept store where the word “sales” takes all its value as we find there how to dress, and how to decorate and to perfume. Here are the shops Berenice, Missoni, Sandro, Maje, Gérard Darel, and opposite Joseph and for the fans of sneackers, Version plus, Eleven Paris and Father and sons to purchase a large quanity of shirts for the Mr.

5/ Itinerary creators
In Chabaud Street, we go from the shop of designer Augustin Latour, to the shop of skateboard-clothing-gallery of art Mamatoro. These brands reflect the spirit of the Hoche Street, a street a little in the back, parallel to the Street of Antibes which “bustles” of life. A break to taste a cake at Chez Café Brun ou Volupté is required even if not tired.

– The top of the Street of Antibes: Although built from east to west and not from north to south, which would define better the notion of the top and bottom, the habit of separating the top from the bottom of the Street of Antibes is frequent in Cannes. The top is located from the address numbers 100 and above. All the rest (100 and below), it’s the bottom!
– Casual Contemporary Stores: more casual shops represented by American Vintage, Comptoir des Cotonniers or even South Express
– Contemporary Shops: In the heart of the segment with BA&SH, Maje, Sandro, The Kooples



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