How to post on internet THE picture of your feet in the sand in Cannes at once, and without having to negotiate the Wi-Fi code of the beach bar, or wait to arrive at the hotel or accept to consume a lot of your phone data plan?

Now at the Cannes Tourist Office, you can get Wi-Fi everywhere and take internet with you in your pocket!

How does it appear?
A small white box which is the size of a visitor card, very thin and very light that you slip into your pocket or into your beach bag. The only thing you have to do is light it up, and it offers you between 6 to 8 hours but it can be charged again in 3 hours.
Travel Wi-fi

How do I get the Wi-Fi connection?
At the Tourist Office of the Palais des Festivals, you get the connection on a pad; you enter the beginning and the end of the date of the use of the Wi-Fi (note that you can extend the date without any issue). With your phone, you connect to the Wi-fi by entering the code number which is in the back of the box. And here you go, you are connected and you can start to take your pictures. The bonus is that you can connect 10 phones simultaneously, very practical with your family or to share with friends or even with colleagues at work.















Where and How to get it?
The renting of the case is available at the Tourist Office and you can get the information from the hostesses. You just have to slide your credit card and the payment is done at the end of the use of the case.
You can order the case in advance on the website: http://travel-wifi.com and retrieve it directly at the Tourist Office upon your arrival to Cannes.

What is the cost?

With a price of 7.90 euros per day a whole family or a work team can be connected with up to 10 phones (at a distance no more than 15 meters from each other).

How do I give the case back?
Wi Fi
After spending a few dream days in Cannes, you can send the box back in the envelope which was provided when you rented the case and you drop it at the post office. The envelope is pre- stamped; you just have to drop it. You leave your details so you can be informed when the case has been delivered.
In Cannes, the Wi-Fi is also freely available at the Palais des Festivals Tourist Office and on the famous steps to the two big theater rooms. Wi-Fi is also available in the gardens of the Town Hall.

Now you can load your pictures on the website #cannesisyours and share your comments on the blog.



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