The most beautiful fireworks in the world are in Cannes. Every summer for almost 50 years, The Festival of Pyrotechnic Arts offers some of the most original fireworks, created by companies from the world over who are battling for a prestigious international award, the Vestale d’or.

The first rocket in this summer competition was fired on the evening of 14 July and launches the festival which has a total of 6 displays throughout the summer. As a result, there are (a great many) people in Cannes for these magical evenings and thus it’s good to know from where to watch the displays so that your evening remains an unforgettable memory.

Closest to the firing areas: the beaches of La Croisette
Arrive with a picnic at about 19:00 and you just have to weight for night to fall. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed. You need to enjoy being in the midst of people, as to say the crowd there is dense is an understatement. If you don’t want to be bothered to prepare a picnic, you can take advantage of the restaurants on the private beaches that have special offers for these evenings. Deckchairs, champagne, special dinners…you’re not alone, but it’s all good! Everything is there: a spectacular view under the fireworks, and musical accompaniment broadcast along La Croisette.

Most exotic: from Sainte-Marguerite island
If you have the chance to spend the night on the island, either because you’re taking part in the Cannes Jeunesse events, or because you’ve chosen to sleep at Fort Vauban, this is a dream viewpoint, in an idyllic natural setting in the heart of the island opposite the Baie de Cannes.

Most marine-based: restaurant boats
If you like to be on the water, in good company, for an original evening livened up by a special dinner for the occasion, set off for a cruise in the bay. Departing from Quai Laubeuf, on the jetty for the boats that provide the link to the Lérins Islands. Several packages are offered, from a simple boat trip, to aperitifs or a dinner. Book  your boat trip on: booking.cannes-destination.com 

The tallest: the hotel balconies
Unless you have a friend or relation who owns a terrace on La Croisette… you can go and watch the fireworks from the balconies of the various hotels or from their private beaches. The Martinez, Carlton, Marriott and Radisson Hotel offer unobstructed views.

The highest:
From Place de la Castre, above the Old Port, which offers a wonderful view in a picturesque environment in the heart of the oldest district in Cannes.

From the Croix des Gardes hill, in the heart of a natural park full of Mediterranean scents. A little further away, but the offering the chance to be in a quieter location for a bucolic evening.

From Chemin des Collines, the highest, most beautiful viewpoint over the bay, in the heart of the California district and the most beautiful houses. Attention: even though it’s fairly far away, the viewpoint is so magical that you’ll be lucky to find somewhere to park the car.

A reminder of the programme for the Festival of Pyrotechnic Arts:

14 July: Germany – Steffes-Ollig
21 July: Italy – Martarello Groip SRL
29 July: Austria – Feuerwerke Jost
7 August: Sweden – Göteborgs Fyrverkerifabrik
15 August: United States – Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks
24 August: France – Lux Factory

This year for the first time you can watch the fireworks live on our Facebook page @Cannes.is.Yours and live broadcasting on Cannes Radio (91.5 FM).

Useful information and hints are available on the following websites: www.festival-pyrotechnique-cannes.com and www.cannes.com


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