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The preparatory days to the first Foundation of Tourism is now opening at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and relies on a strong mobilization of professionals of tourism gathered to imagine a vision of Cannes on the horizon 2030. All you have to know about the first Foundation of Tourism in Cannes in 3 questions/answers.


What is the 1st Foundation of Tourism in Cannes?

A large consultation on which we work hard to make Cannes always more attractive and dynamic. For this, the Foundation is based on a study entitled “Portrait of Identity “, a large strategic reflection conducted by the city of Cannes. The goal is to reinforce our strengths and to correct our weaknesses.

What do we do there?

We work hard… But also we imagine, we release our creativity by the ideas and proposals for the development and the evolution of tourism in a climate of openness. Especially, we benefit by crossing the professional sectors and the points of view. That is the richness of the Foundation of Tourism such as are wishing David Lisnard, Deputy Mayor of Cannes and President of the Cote d’Azur Regional Tourism Committee, and Frank Chikli, Assistant to the Deputy Mayor for economic development, employment, the economic attractiveness, tourism, digital development and informatics, the project “smart city”, the international relations and the events.
Formed in 3 groups, the participants are from the city of Cannes, the SEMEC and professionals in Cannes and outside Cannes.

How to make Cannes “the place to be”, among these essential cities with such an imaginary heritage, so rich that they must be visited at least once in a lifetime?

Or more specifically, the first working group reflects on how to strengthen the marketing and the welcome in Cannes in business tourism on the international markets, the second on how to make Cannes more attractive throughout the year, and the third, how to develop the best perception and the best image possible. It is around these 3 main poles of reflection that the professionals who work throughout the year in the heart of the Cannes tourism system have a strong impact.
But be careful, no procrastination, these sessions to release the imagination and foresight are supervised by moderators, responsible for the Promotion of Tourism and guided by experts, Antoine Cachin, President of the Governing Council of the ,French Institute of Tourism, Franck Mareau, Managing Director MCI Group Zurich and Nicola de Dianous of the Agency Weliketravel, whose outside look brings the decline and the professionalism required to lead to an architecture of concrete decisions and thus develop the vision of tomorrow.

“Few cities have, such as Cannes, as many strengths to attract audiences to the more diverse motivations. Claim the singularity of Cannes while valuing these multiple facets, such is our challenge.” Antoine Cachin


What are the major stages of this first Foundation of Tourism?

At the end of this first session we will have identified ideas of reflection of each of the 3 groups which will convene on a second deeper session in mid-September. Proposals, concrete actions, construction of the future will punctuate the second session.
A closing session in mid-October common to the 3 groups will allow the restitution of the whole of the reflections incurred on the thematic built in this long collaborative journey and develop a program of actions to make Cannes a destination of excellence.



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