Did you miss the climbing of the stairs? Well not me! As a mouse in glitter, I threaded my way between the photographers and didn’t miss a beat. Follow me … Here we go. Each evening, the photographers of the blog capture these rare and ephemeral moments on a red carpet background and a boosted Croisette.

What happiness to be able to live these moments from your screen; otherwise you would have had to find a place for the auto… or the motorcycle. In short better to plan ahead. You would have missed the comical situations of a festivalgoer changing his day clothes (i.e. Tee-shirt- Bermuda- shorts) for a tuxedo with bow-tie, all between two cars starting at 6:00pm in all the parking facilities in Cannes!

Find urgently a bow-tie for my darling realizing that you were not the only one to seek it. Do not attempt the climbing of the stairs in a tie; it’s at your own risk because it’s impossible to go against this institution.

Have in your possession several arnica for the arch of your instep so that it will not prevent you from looking for the bow-tie and then the waiting for your turn behind the ropes and ticket attendants. The wait may be long between the time when the 2300 seat auditorium is empty and the time of your movie. But beware, do not neglect the fact that your tickets will give you access to the room according to the available seats, so quickly move forward.

Miss the small shudder of excitement when finally the queue starts to move forward and OMG you’re there, your feet are on the red carpet, flashed by photographers who have recognized the star in you.

Back in images : Opening Ceremony followed by the presentation of the movie off competition “La Tête Haute” [Standing Tall] by Emmanuelle Bercot.

© copyright photos : Gilles Traverso

I‘ll see you tomorrow for the “red carpet” of the film in competition“Umimachi Diary” [Our Little Sister] de Kore-Eda Hirokazu and”Il Racconto dei Racconti”[Tale of Tales] de Matteo Garrone.

To you, to share your experience “Climbing the Stairs” and your stories about Cannes Film Festival. And remember #cannesisyous



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