I have tested the very new online boutique and so I scheduled all my leisure activities in Cannes during my summer vacation. A very simple and fluent booking experience.

It’s not always easy to find ones way around the multiple activities and flyers proposed in the Tourist Offices or on the web. Booking accommodations and restaurants online has become a kid’s game with specialized sites; however it is often difficult to find the equivalent for leisure activities. During my travels, I have often had to surf from one web site to another without being able systematically to reserve an activity or paying in a secure mode, and it can be a bit complicated.

The Cannes Tourist Office online boutique allows you to get a global vision of proposed leisure activities and plan a true program of holiday in a few clicks and certainly quicker than it would be through the usual reservation web sites.



Two research methods, either by type of activity or by dates or period (during weekend or vacation time) allow in a glance to access to the first 30th proposed activities.

Thus I have access to all summer activities, guided visits in French or English from the Tourist Office, of the kayak or paddle, and especially a ride totally unusual, the promenade in the Polynesian dugout. Here we go! I have scheduled a guided tour for two people on the theme of the cinema and the excursion with the Polynesian dugout.

book on line


This is very simple, I add this in my basket, pay and receive confirmation by e-mail.

It is time now for me to go.

Without being extremely sporty, it is an activity both unusual, different and a rich experience, and the surfing sensation is really cool.

Polynesia in Cannes, we are almost there, we discover at water’s edge the Lérins Islands lagoons and their shallows rich in marine wildlife and fauna.

Early morning start and direction with friends to the Tahitian-Adventure ; the appointment is fixed at 8:30 am at the bottom of the Palm-Beach for a departure at 9:00 am. A very friendly welcome of Luc Dessauvages, the Instructor/Manager, who is passionate about Polynesian culture at the origin of this new activity. We are equipped with a lifejacket , each canoe has a talky-talkie, a few explanations on the way how to navigate to the edge of the dugout and departure at sea, directions to the tip of the Batéguier ( Sainte-Marguerite island); According their size, there are groups of 2 or 4 people in the canoes. We go around the island to then make a bathing pause between the two islands. The sensation of a slide at the edge of the water is impressive; the canoe fuse on the sea, goes the waves, it is crazy to feel powered by a single blow from the ream.


We continue along the coast of the island, view the Sea Museum , and the lagoons are there, turquoise sand bank among the posidonia, fishes, sea stars, marine flora, in the near water, it is a real beauty, calm, accompanied by only the lapping and reams that slide in the water. The two hours of walking allow us to discover secret beaches at the foot of the limestone cliffs of the island Sainte-Marguerite, on which can only be accessed by the sea. Then return to the beach Pointe Palm Beach.

During these activities, pauses “snacks” are proposed for taste of the products of Tahiti: jams, drinks.

An experience of the sea and of the slides which complements the practices of the kayak and stand-up paddle and allows a ” natural ” approach of the Lérins islands. The instructor speaks during the activity, he explains his passion for Polynesia and why he practices this activity. We really feel confidence during these 2 hours of escape.

The excursion can be booked on the web site reservations.cannes-destination.fr

Dugout for 2 or 4 persons. Group of up to 24 people, minimum 2 persons. Minimum age: 12 years. Price: 30€/ person.



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