Coucher du soleil derrière le Suquet ©srashti

After my last adventure: “La Croisette is revealed”, I have decided to repeat the experience, but this time with a more typical visit to the old town.

With “Once upon a time in Cannes”, which is also organized by the Tourist Office, we will be exploring the history of Cannes.

This walk is perfect if you want to know a bit more about this little corner of “paradise”, now famous throughout the world.

This walk back through time will reveal the hidden side, the picturesque angle to the little village which has become the capital of film. Many anecdotes from the staff at the Tourist office will liven up the walk and guide us back through the centuries.

It is 9:15 when we start out from 1, boulevard de la Croisette. Our adventure back in time has begun.

From a simple village of fishermen and monks, Cannes has come a long way!

We have to thank the famous Lord Brougham for the town that we know today. He fell in love with Cannes on one of his trips; We look on him as Cannes’ very own Christopher Columbus! I learned about this historical figure as well as his role in Cannes’ history.

The gradual arrival of the English aristocracy kick-started a veritable transformation, turning Cannes into a winter tourism destination.

By the way, do you know what links Cannes with sport? The English brought their love of certain sports with them. Tennis and golf were part of the nobility’s preferred leisure activities. The first yacht club was also in Cannes!

Our visit continues with a morning stroll along what was once the main shopping street in Cannes, rue Meynadier.


Originally named, ‘Rue Grande’, it links the modern town with Le Suquet. Teeming with little shops and restaurants, this small street, with a bygone feel, has lost none of its charm.


Next stop, Forville market! Cannes residents see it as their true market.










The section where locally caught fish is sold is of particular interest to tourists. It is one of the must-see sights in Cannes’ old town. Our tour continues through the small alleyways of Le Suquet, before arriving at the famous place de la Castre.


















After 95 minutes’ walk, we have finally reached the summit, and are rewarded with one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints of the town. From here, you can admire the majestic Bay of Cannes, and even see the Lérins islands!

At the end of this walking tour, you can be sure of one thing: the history of Cannes no longer holds any secrets for you!