In preview of the 30th International Games Festival (2016 FIJ), timeline has edited a special selection to celebrate the event which will open its doors on February 25 and occupy the entire Palais des Festivals. I tested this new formula which complements the range of the Timeline (music and cinema, inventions, events, sports…)

TIMELINE_Cannes_BoxTopAlthough I am not specifically a follower nor great connoisseur of the parlor games, I quite enjoyed this one.
The rules are simple and allow having fun even without being a whizz kid in cinema, the rhythm is dynamic and the illustrations are super nice.
What it is talking about? Of Cannes and cinema, 55 cards and 55 movies, all to place on a timeline, the aim of the game is not to have any cards left at the end of the game.
Once installed around the game plan, we declare the youngest “first player”, he shuffles the cards and each player receives 4 cards. Each card resumed the visual of a film having won a Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) or a price of interpretation male or female. On the front of the card is the visual, the title of the film and the name of the Director. On the back of the card is the same thing with also the year of the festival which has brought the film.
The cards are spread out in front of us and it is forbidden to look at the back of the card where the date of release of the film is registered.
TimelineWe lay the first card with the visible date on the tray, it serves as a point of departure to the time line on which each player must place its cards. Each player one after the other tries to place his card between the cards already placed. Once the card is laid, we turn it to check if its placed in the Timeline is correct. When it is not correct, you throw the card and you draw another card. At the beginning, it’s simple because we all know that Apocalypse Now has been released well before the life of Adèle, but once the time line fills, it must be refined. And that is where it becomes pleasurable. With the films Dheepan, or the life of Adèle, which order do you give them?

“I chose films that all resonate with us whether we are young or old, as these are films that speak to all. From 1946 with the Battle of the Rail, from René Clément to Mad Max Fury Road in 2015, of George Miller, the game allows you to revise your level of cinemagoer and to have fun quickly and simply. The selection resumed films which have obtained the golden Palm (Palme d’Or) or a price of interpretation male or female. “Nadine Seul, General Commissioner for the IFJ

You can play with the English version which is quite funny to discover the translations of the films titles, we can also mix it with the other themes of the range which makes the game even more “general culture “. The box is super nice, in small format. 12.5 x 12.5 cm in an embossed metal box with a “Timelinette” in relief on the red carpet of Festival that can be taken anywhere.
The game timeline Cannes & cinema will be available from February 25 at the Tourist Office of the Palais des Festivals and also on the Tourist Office booth directly at the Game Festival.



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