On that day, the usual summer sun had flooded the bay and there was little wind: perfect conditions for flying.

Both Victoria and I, having never been in a helicopter before, were therefore eager for this experience! Knowing the city really well from various angles: from the sea, from Le Suquet square or from California hill, this time we were to view it in a completely new way!

Shortly after arriving at the meeting point, we were taken in a minivan to the edge of the pad, where we discovered the helicopter with its engine running; an R44 model, ready to take us into the air. The excitement was growing!

Getting the green light, the agents accompanied us to the pad to take our seats.

Helmets secured and seatbelts buckled, our friendly pilot introduced himself over the comm: we were ready to take off!

In a clear sky, our panoramic flight showed us the Lérins islands, seen from above, as well as the Esterel mountain range in the distance.

Flying over the coast, I was startled by the contrasting colours, a pretty turquoise band that extends along the beaches. Under our feet, the yachts, usually so imposing, stood out in particular with their wake trails, just like comets.

« A breath of fresh air between sea and nature. »

From this perspective, it was equally impressive to see all this relief, these preserved hills, so close to the coast! It felt like you could reach out and touch them! No sooner had we started a change of course than we were further out in the bay, to fly over and contemplate the divine Lérins islands: St Marguerite with its Royal Fort and the Batéguier lake, and St Honorat with its abbey and fortified monastery.


We took the time to admire this unique panorama before returning to terra firma, still invigorated from the experience…

The sky of Cannes is open to you !

Azur hélicoptère offers several air trips, including La Croisette with the Gulf Juan Bay, or the Verdon gorges, as well as transfers to Nice airport or Monaco.


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