In Cannes in autumn, a visit to the Forville Market is required. In the oldest Halle of Cannes, it’s a place of meetings and discoveries, and it is full of local products that the market gardeners are growing in the basin in Cannes.  And not forgetting the fishermen who supply the stalls of their fish and fresh crustaceans caught in the Bay of Cannes.

Herve FABRE Marché Forville

Marché Forville – photo ©Herve FABRE

You can shop there to make a recipe for the fall, or simply stroll to impregnate of the culinary traditions of Provence.
It is by the Meynadier street that I love to pass by to go to the market; early in the morning, the vendors give the tone of the products of quality in this street formerly named “Rue Grande”  (big Street) where we can often meet the Star Chefs of the tables of the region.

A view of the famous Meynadier street ©Audrey BEATINI

A view of the famous Meynadier street ©Audrey BEATINI

A view of the _famous_ Meynadier street ©Audrey BEATINI

Forville is also a place of quality . The smiles and advices are transforming the shopping experience in a true moment of conviviality.

In this season, they will give you a few ideas how to cook the chard. Often used in the kitchen in Cannes, all parts of the plant are eatable: the leaves chopped come in the composition of the pie of Chard, ravioli and the famous tian. The green part replaces the uses of spinach, and the chard ribs are accommodated in several ways: just boiled with a dash of lemon juice, fried or au gratin with a béchamel sauce. The regional producers are committed to provide authentic and high quality fruits and vegetables that you will find in the restaurants and also on the famous star tables in the region.

In fall, the market is tinted with magnificent colors of the Mediterranean, the orange of cucurbits (squash and potimarrons) and the green of the chews, spinach and chard and the tomatoes bursting with sun.

Les olives et lupins au marché Forville ©Herve FABRE


























The olives, the lupins and all the condiments which are used to prepare a good dinner or for a traditional aperitif in Provence, invite you to be tempted.

The Shopping ends. Do not forget to go and see the local fishing, a most traditional moment.Herve FABRE

A bunch of flowers before returning or before taking a break around the market for a coffee or a glass of Rosé de Provence.
















Come back for a next stroll in the neighborhood of the Suquet, to the discovery of the origins of Cannes passing by the Musée de la Castre.

The Provencal Forville Market is open every morning, except Monday, dedicated to the secondhand market from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. It is fully covered.



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