The diversity of the landscape in Cannes encourages you to travel and to the imagery of a travel around the world….from Cannes.

1- In a creek in The West Indies? No, in Cannes on the Saint Honorat Island looking towards Sainte-Marguerite Island.
06-iles-lerins-st honorat-crique©SEMEC-KELAGOPIAN
Five minutes from the Old Port of Cannes, the Lerins Islands are a paradise for quietness, serenity far from the busy coast.

2- On a hill in Tuscany? No on the hill of the Californie area.
The house that the painter Jean Gabriel Domergue built according his plans in 1936 was inspired from Fiesole, a small town of Tuscany overlooking Florence.

3- On Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles? No, in Cannes along “Le Chemin des Etoiles”
Just a few meters from the Palais des Festivals, more than 300 hand prints from actors, film Directors, stars of legend, or less known VIP’s, frozen in stainless-steel, decorate the floor around the Palais des Festivals et des Congres.

Rivage 8 2013©H.Lagarde_162

Lagon ente les îles de Lérins – ©H.Lagarde

4- In a lagoon in Polynesia? No it’s in Cannes between the two Lerins Islands.

5- In the Cornwall? No in Cannes on Saint Honorat Island.
The mediaeval chapel from the 21st century at the extreme west of the island, where St Caprais, friend of Saint Honorat had lived as a hermit.

6- In the house of Catsby The Magnificent? No in Cannes in the garden of the Rothschild Villa
With a neo-classic style, the building and its English garden offer a romantic location par excellence.
A rich cultural environment and diverse landscapes, busy or very quiet, the discovery of Cannes is a whole world which is offered to you.



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