Are you tired of lounging on the sand, sharing a few precious square meters with the whole world and do you feel a sudden desire to experience the sea more closely? It’s why the holiday should not be monotonous that I have followed Camille in his report on the skills of the Polynesian outrigger canoe.

You feel a little bit like you’re in Polynesia in Cannes when you are paddling on the surface of the sea, with the discovery of the islands, the lagoons and the sea beds rich in fauna and flora.

Wake up early and head in the direction of the company, Tahitian Adventure
Meet time is at 8:30 am at the bottom Palm Beach (for a departure on the sea at 9:00am).
The Instructor/Manager is Luc Dessauvages. Each client is equipped with a lifejacket, each canoe with a walkie-talkie. Each canoe can handle 2 or 4 people.


He provides us with the explanation on how to navigate the canoe on the sea, to go to the tip of the Bateguier (Sainte-Marguerite Island). We will bypass the island to make a bathing pause between the two islands. The sensation of gliding so close to the water is impressive as the canoe glides over the sea, passes the waves, it is crazy to feel propelled with a single stroke of the paddle.
We continue the tour of the island along the coast of the island, see the museum from the sea, and then return to the beach at the bottom Palm Beach.

During these outings, “snack breaks” are taken for a taste of products from Tahiti that include jams and drinks.
A sea and sliding experience which complements the practices of the kayak and stand-up paddle allows a “natural” approach of the Lérins Islands. The instructor talks to us during the activity, he explains his passion for the Polynesia, and why he practices this activity. One feels confidence during these 2 hours of escape..
You can book online.
There are three possible departures per day: 9:00am / 2:00pm / 6:00pm (not confirmed for the afternoon schedules).
Canoes are for 2 or 4 persons. Groups up to 24 people with a minimum of 2 persons. Minimum age 12 years old.
Price : 40 euros / person.



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