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No other city in Europe honors the cinema as Cannes does. In the margin of the tsunami media which submerges Cannes during the Film Festival in May, the city lives and breathes throughout the year under the lights of the cinema. Thematic visits, a little tourist train, painted walls, cinema, museum and ephemeral project of a multiplex, combine in order to provide the magic of the 7th art to all. Cannes, a city which has as much talent as the stars that she welcomes.

Guided visits
Each Friday, the Palais des Festivals organizes guided tours in English and French to reveal to you all the secrets of the capital of the cinema.

Painted Walls
Within the context of its program of the neighborhoods smartening up, the city of Cannes initiated in 2002 the realization of murals fresco on the theme of cinema. These gigantic painted walls well honor the icons of the 7th art.

Little Tourist Train
The Train of the Cinema welcomes you for a trip along the Croisette or for a complete tour of the city crossing the neighborhood of the Suquet.

Cinemas in Cannes
Four Cinema theaters and the Salle Raimu welcome you throughout the year to discover the latest outputs.

Ephemeral Museum
Cannes will inaugurate for the first time in July 2015 an ephemeral museum dedicated to the cinema and audiovisual creation. On the program will be a unique collection of film posters of Gilles Traverso and Gilles Jacob, and the Factory of amateur movies, a movie studio housed within the Palais des Festivals and animated by the Oscar-nominated Director Michel Gondry.

Film Multiplex
Carried out by the renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti, this ambitious high tech complex will open during 2018. It will be the first in Europe to be fully equipped with the Dolby Atmos system and the first in France of Dolby technology Cinema.

Walking tour of Cinema Silhouettes
Charlie’s angels , Superman, Lara Croft, Han Solo or Pirates of the Caribbean punctuate a nice walk of a silhouette to the other. The opportunity to discover the city and have fun. Each silhouette, break picture: it ascended the steps behind each of them, we pass the head and we are transformed into immortal hero . Plan an hour and a half for 10 silhouettes.

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The Path of the Stars
Los Angeles has its “Walk of Fame” on Hollywood Boulevard. Cannes has its “Path of the Stars’ in front of the Palais des Festivals. There as here, the stars leave their signature and their hand prints. Here and there, they are often the same as the Croisette invites them to leave a part of themselves to posterity.
In front of the Palais des Festivals
Hands and signatures of celebrities of the 7th Art punctuate the esplanade George Pompidou and its gardens. A few meters from the Palais des Festivals, more than 300 frozen casts in the inox decorate the cobbled street. Actors, directors, legendary stars or less known personalities, the Path of the Stars perpetuates each year a tradition which honor them. The square the most visited of the Côte d’Azur, the Path of the Stars, offers all of us the opportunity to approach and touch the myth.






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